Local motoring experts provide top tips on avoiding potholes

By Alasdair Perry

27th Mar 2024 | News

Local motor experts Swansway Motor Group have provided some advice on avoiding potholes in Stockport and beyond (Image - Ryan Parker)
Local motor experts Swansway Motor Group have provided some advice on avoiding potholes in Stockport and beyond (Image - Ryan Parker)

Less than half of all local roads in England and Wales are deemed as being in 'good' structural condition, according to recent research.

Whilst Stockport Council investment has improved the condition of a number of roads in the borough, it pays to be careful, both in Stockport and beyond.

Automotive experts at neraby Swansway Motor Group have some advice for keeping your car damage-free on the roads of suburban England. 

Potholes can harm your car in more ways than a burst tyre. They can also cause damage to wheels, suspension, exhausts, and your car's chassis, potentially leaving you stranded, bored and desperately trying to contact roadside assistance.  

Potholes are caused by water inside or on top of roads expanding and contracting in varying temperatures. This is why we see so many of the craters during winter and spring.

Unfortunately, many pothole-filling methods only work in the summer months, and therefore often any 'non-urgent' potholes are placed onto waiting lists and are usually dealt with in warmer conditions.  

 Here are seven things that Swansway Motor Group suggest you can do to keep safe. 

Regularly check your tyre pressure

Drivers should do this regularly for safety reasons, but it also makes a big difference in protecting you from pothole damage. Under or overinflated tyres are at greater risk of damage. 

Watch out for Puddles! 

Unlike Peppa Pig, you need to be careful when driving through puddles. There's every chance a pothole is lurking in the depths ready to strike. 

Scan the road ahead

Scanning the road ahead for potholes means you can act early in a safe way for yourself and other road users. 

Don't swerve

It's dangerous for you and for other drivers.  

Slow down

If you do have to go through a pothole, slow down in advance of hitting it. The faster you're travelling, the greater the risk of pothole damage. 

Don't brake once you're in the pothole! 

When you're driving over the pothole don't brake. This places stress on the front suspension putting you at greater risk of damage. 

Get in 10 to 2 

Just like we were all told when learning to drive. Place your hands at 10 to 2 on the steering wheel as this means you're less likely to lose control when driving through the pothole.


So, there are some steps we can take to protect our vehicles.

It will take an estimated £16.3billion and 10 years to fix the current state of the UK roads so keep these tips in mind as potholes are here to stay for the near future.

If you'd like more advice on potholes or general motoring queries, the Swansway blog is full of top tips for all things automotive. 


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